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Are you a 400L going for an internship? Instead of interning where you will gain nothing, why not enroll for the SIP DATA INCUBATOR program to learn Data Science or Business Analytics?

What You’ll Learn


Learn how to collect, clean & analyze data, use tools like Python, SQL, Excel, and Power BI, work on real-life projects, and build your portfolio.


Build predictive models and machine learning algorithms, and visualize data to communicate your findings

Increase Employability

By the end of the program, you will have gained the skills and experience you need to secure your space in tomorrow's data-driven workforce and increase your employability after graduation.

We offer two learning tracks:

Enjoy up to 52% discount when you enroll for any of the tracks

Actual Fee: N250,000

Promo Price: N120,000


3 months

Start Date

18th, September 2023.


Zacrac, 2nd Floor, Sovereign Trust Insurance Building Beside First Bank Alagbaka, Akure.

Business Analytics with Excel and Power BI:

This track is for students who want to learn business analytics using Excel and Power BI. You will learn how to use these tools to collect, clean, and analyze data, and to create interactive dashboards and reports.

Data Science and Machine Learning with SQL and Python:

This track is for students who want to learn the more advanced skills of data science and machine learning. You will learn how to use SQL to query databases, and Python to build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms.

Your Logbooks and ITF Forms will be Signed

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